2 Minutes, 19 Instant Backlinks

Aloha friends, and happy new year to you!

If you want to get a brand-new site indexed almost instantly, or if you just like the sound of 19 instant free backlinks, here's a little trick you might find fun 😀

To do this, we're going to use domain auto-appraisers, which are websites that estimate what other websites are worth. Here's how it works. Go ahead and insert your website URL (without the http://) in place of "yourdomain.com" directly after the following URL


Copy and paste this into your browser's URL bar and hit "enter."

Here's what happens. AboutUs (and all the other domain auto-appraisers) will have you "wait a moment" while it gathers a minimal amount of information about the website you inserted. AboutUs will then create a webpage about your site, which includes a backlink to your site.

These pages are STATIC, which means that they won't dissapear when you click the "x" button. These pages will remain there for Google to crawl.

Here are a list of autoappraising websites. Again, insert your URL without the http:// prefix after each of the following URLs then paste them into your browser's URL bar.


There are only 19 right there, but I've got a whole list of em somewhere and I'll add them within the next day or so. Some of these don't seem to mind inner pages, but most seem to prefer top-level domains.

Happy new year!


P.S. I'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

20 Replies to “2 Minutes, 19 Instant Backlinks”

  1. Hi Paulie,

    Just wanted to thank you VERY MUCH for all the valuable information you’re giving for free. Not only on your blog, but also in your newsletter. Most valuable to me ! 🙂

    If it can be of any help, I’d just advise to ping those URL (with the domain name included) using Mass Ping Tools like BulkPing.com and PingFarm.com.
    Of course, wait a moment to let all the pages to load successfully before pinging.

    Thanks again Paulie … and Hi for an other spot in the Pacific Ocean (New Caledonia).


  2. Knew It . But didn’t know if it helps. I’ll post the results after doing.

    Looking forward to your posts.

    You’re da best man.



  3. Paulie, I’ve been following you for the better part of a year now. I’ve continued to be impressed with your help.

    Also, thanks to William above for turning this 10 minute backlink acquisition into 2 minutes!

  4. Hey thanks for the encouraging words Travis, really appreciate it! And awesome advice William that’s definitely a good idea. I was just using bulk ping the other day actually.

    Thanks for the comments and aloha to New Caledonia!

  5. I suspect that this links are not even worth considering. There are few tools that can do this automatically (hint: 3000 link), but I doubt there effectiveness.
    No thanks. I would love to stick to your packets instead, which indeed are the best source of backlink. 😉

  6. Hey Paulie, it is always great to hear from you via newsletter or any other way. The first time we engaged in business, was before December 2009, and since then you just continue to add value every week for more than 2 years now. I actually feel slightly guilty because I am always at the receiving side of our “business” relationship. If anybody should ever have any doubts, I can vouch that Paulie Ciara is the real deal. Thank you Paulie for sharing again!

  7. Hi paul, I love to joining your post and newslatter.
    I’m the beginner of SEO and I just following your newslatter for 2 weeks.
    It’s very great and I feel I should thanks to you.. 🙂
    Keep sharing 🙂

  8. Dear Paulie,
    Thanks very much for turning this 10 minute backlink acquisition into 2 minutes!
    I am looking forward to your next posts!!


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