Back Up And Running

Hello folks, I've been enjoying keeping up with you via e-mail and through the weekly backlinks! As you've probably noticed, my blog was "under construction" for a bit, but no more! I've got some good stuff planned for this blog re-launch, so stay tuned!

The weekly backlinks are still going out (haven't missed a week in about 8 months :D) and are free as always. and if you aren't getting them yet make sure to pick them up here:



16 Replies to “Back Up And Running”

  1. Thanks there Paulie, I will surely get back here as soon as it is launch. And I actually subscribe with “Paulie Ciara’s Free Weekly Backlinks” just now. So I will wait for the updates then, hope this will be up and running really soon.

  2. Hey Paulie, I just wanted to drop and thank you for everything you’ve done. The invaluable information you provide free has made my life considerably easier and more informed. Keep up the good work!

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