If I needed $500 this week.. (what I would do)

Hello folks! To keep myself on track, I ask myself this question from time-to-time:

If I needed to make $500 online this week, what would I do?

What would you do if you lost your job, your computer crashed, and
you get sued for every penny you have?

Do you have a guaranteed, "go-to" business model that consistently makes you large amounts of money online on a consistent basis?

I have a business model that works like gangbusters, and I'll share it with you below.

I believe we all need to have a step-by-step online business strategy --  a series of "A, B, C," stepping stones that, once accomplished, will earn us a significant amount of money online.

My "A, B, C" business model is very simple, and probably one you've already heard of before. If you want to make a lot of money online very quickly, just do the following:

1.  Pick a desperate niche.

I love using Amazon.com for niche research! Find their magazine section, and look through all the different magazines. If there's enough interest in a topic to support a magazine, you can bet there's money in it. Another good source of niche-research is to browse through the "for dummies" books ("Fitness for dummies," "ASVAB test prep for dummies," "Dating for dummies" …). Or, to play it safe, pick from the "big four:"

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Romance
  • Pets
... A bit boring but always reliable.
2. Subniche Yourself

NEVER EVER settle for a general niche!! Instead, find a USP (Unique Selling Position) within the niche you are targeting. Here are a few examples:

Instead of "learn to run faster," give yourself the USP:

"How to shave 5 seconds from your 100-yard dash."

Instead of "learn to jump higher," give yourself the USP:

"Slam-dunk in 30 days."

I recently saw a fantastic example of a great USP while shopping for new shoes. Like most shoe stores, this store sold inserts to place inside your shoes for comfort and additional padding.

Most of these sell for around $3 to $5.

However, I also saw some other inserts placed nearby, "Doctor-approved flat-foot inserts," and "Inserts for high-arches," etc. These sold for around $15!

By giving themselves a unique selling position, these inserts were selling for three times the price! 

Consider this carefully. Properly accomplished niche-research is paramount to online success. Make sure you do it correctly, or you may be setting yourself up for failure before you even start.

3. Create a Website and Build a List

To leave as little money on the table as possible, I am of the strong opinion that you need two things: a good website, and a large list. A website is your place to: 1. Post your content. 2. Foster your reading base. 3.(Very important) Begin building your subscriber list.

4.  Begin affiliate marketing.

Find good products (they've got to be good, don't sell snake-oil!), and market them to your website visitors and your subscriber list. I'm in the fitness/weight loss niche, and have been able to find some awesome products to market on clickbank, and Amazon. Make sure they are good, then recommend one new product per week.

5. Create a membership site.

I've become a strong believe in the value of creating membership sites. They aren't nearly as much work to create as they seem, and it's pretty much the most auto-pilot type of "passive income" that exists. 

6. Consider your exit strategy.

This is something that most people don't consider. After your website is created and has been working long enough to gather some data, examine your results and consider your long-term plans. Ask yourself questions:

  • Is your niche website as profitable as you wanted it to be?
  • Is your website making a ton of money and worth growing into something larger?
  • If your website is making a lot of money, are the following options worth considering?
    • App development
    • Additional product creation
    • Forums
    • Additional branding
    • An E-Commerce addition
    • etc. etc
  • Is this niche website something you'd like to sell on flipper for $2000 - $3000 to allow you to move on to another niche website?

There are lots of ways to make money online, but this has been working very well for me, so that's what I'm going to keep on doing. Like I said at the beginning of this e-mail, we all need to have a step-by-step online business strategy --  a series of "A, B, C," stepping stones that, we can COUNT ON earning us a significant amount of money online.

I recently purchased a product on the WarriorForum that got me really excited -- It's a business model similar to what I spoke of above, but it works incredibly fast. And, the videos included several case studies where he was making over $300 in one day. 

==> Click Here To Watch The Videos

It's a similar business model to one I've heard of, but he applies his own unique twist to it that I'm going to try this week. It's cheaper than a burrito, and well worth the watch.

If you are looking for a new A, B, C internet business model, this is a great one to start with:

==> How To Make $300 in one day


-Paulie Ciara

So here’s what I’ve REALLY been up to lately…

Hi Folks,

It's been awhile since I talked about anything non-backlink related, so I figured I should let you know what I've been up to lately.

I've been designing and creating membership sites.

That's really all I've been doing, and I'm convinced it's the most solid, basic, dependable way of making money online in a manner consistent enough to live on.

All you really need is a squeezepage to gather the lead, and a backend one time offer for a 1$ trial to your membership site.

Then, continue to send those who are now on your list good content and reminders of the $1 trial option.

Join the most popular forums in your niche. Add your squeeze page link in your forum signature. Post 10 posts each day.

Next thing you know, you'll have 30 subscribers paying $27 per month.

It's really awesome really, and it works in whatever niche you choose.

I'm actually putting together a 6 month action plan that I hope to release to you all soon to walk you though this (plus a few "spices").

In the mean time, I recently purchased a small product that shows a life case study of a guy doing this. It's a little basic, but very solid. You can check it out here:

==> Here's a quick run down

This e-mail was longer than I meant for it to be. Will catch ya on Monday with my next backlick packet!

-Paul Ciara

My Internet Marketing “Ah HA” Moment

Hello Folks!

Paulie here. I hope you have been enjoying the backlink packets!

As you've no doubt noticed, I don't e-mail much other than my weekly packets. I'd like to step up my communication with ya'll a bit, so I figured I might as well start with a thought I had over the weekend.

I'd like to talk about coming up with good sellable content extremely fast. If you can do this, you can pretty much print your own money.

When I was an aspiring internet marketer, I spent a lot of money on internet marketing products and warrior forum special offers. I had a tremendous amount of head knowledge and a few small online businesses going, but not a lot of income to show for it.

I knew was "hung up" on something that was preventing me from making any serious money, but I didn't know what it was.

This continued for a year or so until I read a great article about content creation. This was my incredible "ah ha" moment, because I realized that content is money.

I'll say that once more, because it's the key that every aspiring internet marketer needs to know.


The more good content you have, and the more good content you can create, the more money you will make.

The only problem is, I don't really like creating content. I'm an outside kind of a guy. I'd rather be outside doing something than sitting in front of a computer screen.

If I was going to make money online, I was going to have to come up with a solution -- a solution that would allow me to create LOTS of good content very very quickly.

Once I did that, my internet marketing "career" did a complete 180 degree switch. I had my first + $1000 day just a handful of months after that.

I say this to urge you to spend more of your time on product creation. If you are currently in the position of scratching your head, trying to figure out why you aren't making the money that you were hoping to make online, try re-focusing your energy and time on product creation.

Internet marketing comes with a million inherent distractions. You've got payment processors to set up, autoresponders to manage, tax information to keep track of, sales letters to write, e-mails to stay on top of…

While these things are important, my challenge for you is to keep focused on what's actually going to make you money. Product creation.

Cheers folks! Hope you have a great week!

-Paulie Ciara

A $5,000 Website (Easier Than You Think)

A $5,000 per year website is ridiculously simple to plan and execute. After running through a simple equation, I think you’ll come to agree with me.

You don't have to approach your website with blind hopes and your fingers  crossed for a few random sales. If you do your strategizing correctly, you can eradicate many of the question marks from your project before you even begin it.

We can eliminate a number of these question marks by running through a simple equation to nail down very specific numbers, right down to the amount of traffic you’ll need each day to hit your target.

The equation looks like this:

Conversion (%) x Transaction Value ($) x Daily Traffic (y) = Daily Profit

To work the equation, there are several numbers you need to know; Your conversion rate, your transaction value, and your daily profit. Armed with this information, this equation will show you how much traffic you’ll need each day (our y variable) to hit your target.

#1. Conversion Rate (%)

Your conversion rate is simply how many sales you make per 100 website visitors.

The average salespage converts at 3%, though my salespages convert much higher than that (my last one converted at about 9%). The difference between a 3% and an 9% converting squeezepage is just a matter of split testing, but for now we'll assume that you haven't done any split testing. We'll assume that your sales page converts an an average 3%.

#2. Transaction Value ($)

This is the amount of money you make per purchase.

This could range from a $27 Clickbank commission, to a $0.50 CPA payout, to a $100+ Amazon affiliate commission. For now, let’s go with a typical $27 product. Thus, our transaction value is $27.

#3. Daily Profit

This is how much profit we need to make each day to hit our yearly target. Since our goal for this website is $5,000 per year, we can divide 5,000 by 365 to find that we need to make $13.70 each day to hit our $5,000 target. For simplicity, we’ll round our daily profit up to $14.

#4. Number of leads (traffic)

This is the amount of traffic you’ll need each day to meet your yearly target. We don’t know this, so this will be our variable. Thus, our number of leads is y.

Here's what we've got:

  • Conversion Rate = 3%
  • Transaction Value = $27
  • Daily Profit = $14.
  • Traffic = y

Our equation once again is:

Conversion (%) x Transaction Value ($) x Daily Traffic (y) = Daily Profit

Substitute these numbers into our equation and we'll get the following:

0.03 x 27 x y = 14

Let's isolate the variable (high school algebra flashbacks anyone?). Multiply 0.03 by 27:

0.81 x y = 14

 Divide 14 by 0.81:

y = 17.3

Rounded up, that's 18. Thus, To make $5,000 a year with a website that converts at 3% on a $27 product, you’ll need a measly 18 visitors to your website per day.

18 visitors per day! You could manually go get these visitors from Twitter!

By taking a few minutes to figure out that an autopilot $5,000 per year website boils down to a measly 18 visitors each day, we now have an “end goal” -- A solid checkerboard finish line with a lot of cash stacked next to it to run toward. This “end goal” concept is pure magic for defeating procrastination.

How To Write An Article In 10 Minutes

You probably know me as the guy who's been sending out the free backlink packets for the past two years. But the first significant amount of money I made online didn't come from building backlinks to my own websites, it came from ghostwriting for internet marketers.

I definitely wasn't making enough to get rich, but I was making enough to cover $560 in rent and living expenses. I recognized early on that the quicker and better I wrote, the more money I'd make. I don't really consider myself that great a researcher or writer so I tried to simplify things for myself by creating a simple "1-2-3" system of approach that required a minimal amount of research and thinking, but still allowed me to quickly write well-articulated articles. Since I was constantly writing, I had plenty of opportunities to tweak the system, constantly making it easier and faster.

Over time and with enough tweaking, my little system allowed me to get pretty quick at writing high quality articles. At my peak, I had multiple clients paying me $10 per 400 word article, and I could write 5 of them on the 1 hour bus ride to the South side, and 5 more on the ride back 😀

I'm fortunate enough to have managed to shift to more time-productive facets of internet marketing since then, so I now typically outsource my article writing. However, I still have the handy odd skill of being able to pull out my laptop with a totally blank mind, and then find myself with a 100% researched totally proofread article within 10 minutes.

I wasn't until I quit relying on article ghost-writing as my main source of income that I realized that writing a high quality 400 word article in 10 minutes was something cool that most people couldn't do. Since my method of speed writing was simple, and since it was already written and typed out (because I was using it), I figured I might as well turn it into a report so that other people could see how easy and quick writing articles really is. I figured there might be a few people who could benefit.

I was right! I've gotten some really fantastic e-mails and messages from people who have downloaded the report and tried it out. One fellow messaged me and said that it used to take him upwards of 90 minutes to write an article. The very first article he wrote with my simple system took him 25 minutes, he said -- A saving of 65 minutes! And that was his first article!

The product is still around. The sales page is a little dated, but the information is just as up do date, cutting edge and powerful as it ever was. You can check it out here:


Catch you on Monday,


Back Up And Running

Hello folks, I've been enjoying keeping up with you via e-mail and through the weekly backlinks! As you've probably noticed, my blog was "under construction" for a bit, but no more! I've got some good stuff planned for this blog re-launch, so stay tuned!

The weekly backlinks are still going out (haven't missed a week in about 8 months :D) and are free as always. and if you aren't getting them yet make sure to pick them up here: